Brew Poo

The beauty of poo – worm poo that is. This exotic blend of banana peels and red wiggler poo can give your garden just what it needs – a kick in the roots. Whether you sprinkle some of the black gold on your garden or choose to make a compost tea to soak your bed, this is an amazing product.

Bags are sold for $4/ litre.  If you need a bigger size just contact us and we’ll help you out. Instructions for making compost tea are on the bag.

The creation of Brew Poo came about with support of Enterprising Non-Profits BC, District of Invermere, Regional District East Kootenay and area businesses, Groundswell researched feasibility of community-wide composting, conducted large scale trials and  launched production and sale of vermi-composting products. Youth were employed throughout this project.

Made with love.
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