Did you know that approximately one third to half of the average bag of waste discarded from our homes is made up of compostable material and that here in the communities of our region this all goes into landfill?  Once buried this organic waste is the primary contributor to the emission of methane gas, a climate altering gas contributing 30 times greater impact to climate change than carbon dioxide.

And our landfill site is filling up – fast.  Estimates of 15 years are being discussed for the Windermere regional landfill and composting that 30% would add almost 5 more years to the life expectancy of the landfill; a massive cost saving.

Composting Courses:

Composting could save the world, but not if it’s offending the neighbours!

Learn the tricks to keeping your pile health, happy and smelling earthy fresh!

Community Composting Services

Got Organic Waste?!

All those lovely peels and scrapings are the fodder for next year’s food. They aren’t waste, they’re wonderful!

Event Composting

Groundswell’s “Waste Not Stations”.

A simple to use, easy to set up compost/recycle/garbage station that will turn your event into a Zero Organic Waste event.

Compost & Worm Castings

Is there anything more satisfying knowing that your growing stuff this year from stuff you ate last year?!

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