Crop Maintenance: Repotting Seedlings

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Crop Maintenance: Repotting Seedlings

Tuesday March 20 • 5 to 6:30 pm

$25 per person (age 12+)

Please contact Kalista at to register.

Join local permaculture expert Kalista Pruden for this intensive, hands-on workshop on maintaining seedlings at the Community Greenhouse. This workshop is part of a series of spring workshops and learning opportunities that support Groundswell Network Society with Community Greenhouse operations.

Participants of the Crop Maintenance: Repotting Seedlings workshop will learn all about when and how to properly transplant seedlings into bigger pots, as well as tips for maintaining seedlings for a healthy, hardy crop. Participants will aslo get a chance to see and practice the procedures first-hand while helping to repot seedlings for the Community Greenhouse.

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