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As co-owner of Adaptive Habitat, I love the complexity of working through holistic design challenges to create resilient, eco-sustainable homes, acreages and farms that produce their own energy and food, harvest water, cycle nutrients and restore the surrounding ecosystems. By integrating innovative technology with sound design, we engineer creative solutions that bring a positive benefit to the environments in which people live and thereby thrive.

My expertise in waste water management and ecological septic design both informs and supports our innovative designs, enabling us to create integrated systems that are almost fully self-sustaining, using up to 90% less energy than conventionally designed homes and buildings.

Coupled with my deep connection to nature and my passion for food forestry, my work in creating eco-sustainable human systems is highly satisfying. My driving goal is to ensure that my work and actions leave this world a better place for future generations to inherit.

To learn more about Adaptive Habitat, please visit our website at www.adaptivehabitat.ca

AREAS OF EXPERTISE: Eco-sustainability, Permaculture, Waste Water Design, Waste Water Management, Mechanical Engineering, Environmental Awareness, Strategic Planning, Business Development, Business Planning, Food Forestry, Client Relations and Research.

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