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If you or your organization would like to participate in or host any of these please contact us by email to discuss the logistics and financials.  Coming to Groundswell with a proposed workshop or event is another great way to engage in our education programs. Becoming a Groundswell Member and visiting our Facebook is the best means of staying current with our courses and events offerings.

Education directed at applied sustainable living skills is the cornerstone of our work at Groundswell.  Working with partners and instructors from within our community and beyond, Groundswell has successfully delivered a wide range of courses, longer length workshops and public events from backyard chicken courses to formal community dinners.  The aim is always to inspire, inform and build skills that empower community sustainability .

Educational Partnerships

Groundswell has a longstanding partnership with Alberta-based Verge Permaculture. Through this partnership we are able to connect people to Verge’s Permaculture Design Certification course. A newly developed partnership with U.S. based Small Farm Academy also provides unique, online learning opportunities in passive solar greenhouse design (prices in U.S. dollars).

By signing up to these courses through these links below, Groundswell is able to earn a percentage of sales. This revenue stream is one way Groundswell is able to continue our work in community sustainability and resilience.

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