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Pruning workshop was very successful

The pruning workshop – 42 attendees… Oliver did a great job and had lots of nice compliments after.
40 plus people learned a lot about caring for their trees and shrubs over the coming season. Oliver, professional pruner from Winderberry covered everything from large evergreen to apple trees, lilacs, to grape vines. He reminded us that now is the time to prune and to fertilize. Groundswell gave all attendees a 10% discount for organic fertilizers for trees and shrubs. He reminded us to dig them in a circle 2 or 3 feet out from the trunk to encourage the roots to reach out.
Pruning workshop 2024Pruning workshop 2024Pruning workshop 2024Pruning workshop 2024Pruning workshop 2024

It’s a wrap

wrapChristmas Eve morning saw Groundswell volunteers wrapping poinsettias for delivery to senior’s homes and valley churches to add beauty to their holiday.

wrapThe David Thompson EI student’s sparkling stars on the hill have stopped shining as the garden prepares to go back to sleep until spring.

wrapMain Street Fun and Games was presented with The Favourite Tree Award by Edson Martins, Store Manager of Home Hardware. The Paul Mondragon tree sculpture will be as treasured as Main Street’s dragon that they decorated their tree with. Be sure to drop into their store for a close up look and a word of Congratulations.

Four Points Books was a close second with a classic blue and white theme pointing us in the direction of a better future by growing ourselves through our reading, and Mrs. Armitage’s JA Laird class was a big hit with Gramma Got Run Over By a Reindeer.

The trees were voted on by attendees over the 4 nights of Groundswell’s First Annual Garden of Lights.

wrapWhether adding their wish for 2024 on the Wishing Tree, warming by the fire with friends or indulging in Carole singing along with Bryant Oleander and the Valley Voices …community celebrated the blessings of this valley as they contributed to the growing movement for Food Sustainability with Groundswell Community Greenhouse and Gardens and all their partners. We are working together to ensure that everyone who lives here goes to bed with a full, well-nourished tummy.

wrapThe Grinch waves good bye as he retreats to his mountain top to plan his return to upset your holiday in 2024. Hi Jinx creative designer, Arly Franson, has already started to dream of sugarplums
Ring in your new year by contacting us as a potential sponsor or volunteer for next year and make this valley even brighter.

Visit us at Groundswell later in January. Watch with your very own eyes the miracle of crisp lettuce, healthy kale, and new tomatoes sprouting under the leadership and green thumb of Marion Andrus, Groundswell manager Stephanie Stevens, and all the volunteers of Groundswell. Check out

Garden of lights – Capture a memory in a snow globe – Ruth Cavanagh Photography

Ruth and KonnorRuth and Konnor

“Food is hard on the budget these days. I believe fresh food that hasn’t been sprayed with chemicals and that is grown naturally is important. Teaching our kids how to grow their own food is also very important. Our food needs to be nutritious. Groundswell is a perfect opportunity to do just this. I love supporting locally grown food and a place where children have hands-on experience growing food is amazing.

I look forward to supporting Groundswell by taking photos for $15/family of each of you attending the Garden of Lights evening. Capturing a special memory for you makes my holiday season bright.”