The survey was a SUCCESS. The next step is to confirm who’s in for the Valley’s first Truck and Carshare!
Groundswell is collaborating with Kootenay Carshare Cooperative (KCC) to bring this to the Columbia Valley. KCC has lots of great information on their website:  Inserted below is a brief overview of rates and logistics we will be using.
In order to go ahead we now require a minimum of 10 people to fill out the form (click here to download) and mail us a post-dated cheque for $500 payable to Groundswell Network Society by April 10, 2015 which makes you a member of the cooperative.
Please note that once you have been a member for six months, your membership fee is completely refundable should you choose to leave the Carshare. We also won’t be cashing these post-dated membership cheques until we get enough committed members and the Carshare is operational in late April/early May 2015.
If possible, please email us back to let us know that your sign-up form and cheque are coming. If you have any questions about the Carshare, please email or call Bill Swan at 250-342-3337.
Also, please feel free to forward this message to others in the Valley that you think might be interested!
Bill Swan and Duncan Whittick
Members, Groundswell/Kootenay Carshare Chapter 
Just a quick review of costs and logistics:
$500 Membership Fee – fully refundable six months from official launch of the Groundswell/Kootenay Carshare Chapter (anticipate a start date in late April/early May)
$250 Membership Fee for drivers in the same household, again fully refundable after six months.
$30 – one-time fee for each member for a mandatory orientation session with GNS/KCC Chapter Coordinator.
Once we get enough members we will purchase a car and a truck.
All booking of vehicles and monthly billing is an online process.
Your GNS/KCC Chapter membership gives you access to all vehicles in all Kootenay Branches at the same rates and in Victoria/Vancouver at their rates.
All insurance, gas and maintenance is covered in the fees below, you pay only for real time use. The KCC site provides a trip cost calculator
Rest assured, carsharing will save you money!
Use (per Vehicle) Monthly Membership fee Km fees Hourly fees
Economy vehicle use $5 $0.20/km $2.75/ hour
for the first 8 hours,
$1.00/ hour
for each hour after
Mid-Size vehicle use $5 $0.25/km $2.85/ hour
for the first 8 hours,
$1.10/ hour
for each hour after
Large Vehicle/Truck use $5 $0.35/km $4.10/ hour
for the first 8 hours,
$1.50/ hour
for each hour after


Carsharing is a cost-effective solution for business and it works for individuals too.

Carsharing works in the Kootenays – Kootenay Carshare has branches in Fernie, Kaslo, Kimberley, Nelson, Revelstoke and Rossland.  We want to know if Invermere and area is ready to carshare too.

Economical + Convenient + Versatile + Eco-friendly

[accordiongroup][accordion title=”Member Benefits”]
  • Car ownership is a huge expense at $870/month for an average driver in Canada! If you need a car 4 days a week or less, carsharing can save you money.
  • Carsharing provides members with access to vehicles when you need it – you only pay for what you use.
  • With insurance, maintenance, repairs and fuel as a shared cost, members end up with more money in the bank at the end of the month.
  • Not only would you have more disposable income, but you would also be saved the hassle of maintaining and repairing a vehicle.
[/accordion][accordion title=”The Real Cost of Operating a Car”] Average cost to own and operate a Toyota Camry is:

  • $10,452.40/year or
  • $870/month or
  • $28.64/day every day of the year.

The Real Cost of Driving a Carshare

For the day tripper

$88.70+tax = Day trip Invermere to Cranbrook with Carshare, gas in.**

For the weekender

$182.00+tax = Long weekend to Calgary with Carshare, gas in.***


*February 2012 figures from CAA. Based on 18,000 km/year – the North American average usage. Figures includes fuel, maintenance, tires, insurance, license and registration, vehicle depreciation, finance expense.

**Invermere to Cranbrook in an economy vehicle. Based on distance there and back within 8 hours. 275 km roundtrip.

***Invermere to Calgary in an economy vehicle. Based on distance there and back within 72 hours. 600 km roundtrip.

[/accordion][accordion title=”How does a carshare work?”]In a nutshell – you pay a membership fee, and you pay per use. Usage fees take into account distance as well as time away. There’s a sign up fee of $500 that is fully refundable after 6 months in the carshare. Carsharing allows its members to book vehicles online for trips ranging in duration from 15 minutes to 28 days. With time and kilometre charges, you only pay for what you use. All rates include insurance, maintenance, unexpected repairs and fuel. Pick up your car and away you go.Going to Vancouver or Victoria and want a ride? Kootenay Carshare has roaming agreements with co-ops in both cities.[/accordion][accordion title=”How can a carshare work for business?”]

Participating in a carshare can save a business the cost of operating one or more vehicles. It’s reduced overhead, a tax deductible business expense, and you only pay for what you use.

[/accordion][accordion title=”Can I capital invest?”]

Want to contribute to the purchase of a vehicle? Have a car to sell? Your investment would be returned to you with a competitive interest rate or in carshare time.

Vehicle donations also considered.

[/accordion][accordion title=”Isn’t it just for greenies?”]

Well sure – you could look at it that way – though the economic benefits are indisputable. The “green motivated” will be happy with the simple equation that people sharing cars means fewer cars on the road. Fewer cars on the road means fewer greenhouse gas emissions, less stress on our green spaces, and less traffic in our towns.Get 1 car off the road and save the environment 4.5 tonnes of CO2![/accordion] [/accordiongroup]

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