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Wild Birds in Your Garden

Become a Wingnut – an invitation from Brian Wesley to care for the Wild Birds in Your Garden
Info Session – Dec. 3, 2022
Brian WesleyBrian WesleyBrian WesleyBrian Wesley shared numerous tips and answered questions on how to care for Wild Birds. Turkey, squirrel, bear and magpie problems were discussed with excellent input from Brian and from the attendees who had many personal experiences to share.
The session wrapped with a discussion on volunteering for the Christmas bird count, using Cornell as an expert source and concern over the diminished number of songbirds seen locally over the past two years. The group discussed the impact of the 2021 heat bloom on the birds and will keep their eyes out to see how we are doing through the coming winter. To participate in future bird counts contact: Brian Wesley bjwesley at

I learned a lot at this session. I didn’t know my Junco didn’t go south but instead he just moves into a new local home for the winter.” – Carole P
I have been spending a lot of money on fancy food that makes a mess for me to clean up. Thanks for educating me on a simpler way.” – Barbara T
Excellent workshop, both Curtis and I enjoyed it and learned a lot. We will definitely be watching for Wings Over the Rockies Come Spring.” – Thea W
Great tips on avoiding unwanted wildlife when you are feeding birds.” – Jim

Birds In My Garden – attracting and caring for wild birds to increase biodiversity and make your garden healthier
Brian Wesley, one of the top birders in our valley, whose Wings Over the Rockies bird walks are always the first to be SOLD OUT, will share ideas on how to best manage the bird life in your garden. Learn more about how to feed birds without attracting other wildlife (bears and turkeys) you don’t want.

Bird feeder
Would you like to look out your window and see this? A photo from Brian’s Window…

LEARN HOW: Different bird feeders have different uses and what to put in them to attract a variety of birds. Know and understand more about the diversity of the wild birds in the valley who are looking for a nice, safe, home for the winter. Learn how your garden flower seeds can come into play.
Gain a new appreciation for the value birds bring to your garden, not only through their song but also through their actions.
Location: Pynelogs
Date: Saturday, 2022 Dec 3
Time: 10:00 – 11:30
Cost: Members $20. Non members $25. Young people over 10 are welcome to attend if they love nature and are interested in taking on the task of being responsible for the birds in their backyard.

Brian WesleyFacilitator:
Brian Wesley, a local birding enthusiast, has been a resident of the valley for the past 10 years. Brian has participated in numerous birding studies: British Columbia Breeding Bird Atlas, Saskatchewan Breeding Bird Atlas, Wildlife Canada Services Lewis’ Woodpecker Studies and the Columbia Wetlands Waterbird Survey. He remains an active birder, completing annual Birds Canada Nightjar Survey, BC and Yukon Owl Survey and Wildlife Canada Services North American Breeding Bird Survey. He is a member of the Wings Over the Rockies Board.. His extensive knowledge of the environment opens up discussion far beyond birds. His walks take in everything from history and geology, to wildlife of all kinds. His interesting anecdotes help the information stick. His introduction to the sounds around you is both amazing and helpful. Brian’s low key leadership style makes participation comfortable for newcomers and experienced nature seekers alike.

Guilt Free Treats for the Holiday Season

Guilt Free Treats Noël for the Holiday Season

How you will find time for holiday baking? Wanting delicious treats that add to your family’s health?
At this workshop Groundswell wants you to use good things from the garden while you enjoy lots of laughs as you measure and mix:

  • Snowball Mini Carrot Bites
  • Chewy Chocolate Kisses
  • Peanut butter Reindeer Tracks
  • Holiday Surprise

holiday treats

You will go home with the work all done and 3.5 dozen fresh, nutritious (shhhh don’t tell anyone) treats that will stay tasty right through the holidays.
Date: Nov 29
Time: 6:30 to 8:30 PM
Location: 734 – 9th St
Cost: $50 Members, $55 Non-members – this includes refreshments and an assortment of 3 dozen take home treats, plus a bag of Savory Samplers.

Facilitator: Heather Fischbuch, nutritionist, herbalist, owner of Flourishing Health, and great cook.

“The event was smooth and so relaxing to participate in it was especially terrific to I come home with my holiday treats already to share in lovely tins made with the finest of ingredients. Barbara and Heather worked hard to provide such a great nutritional experience.” – Shelley Shoemaker

“Thank you for a lovely, entertaining, informative, delicious evening. I look forward to more events hosted by Groundwell.” – Myra Abstreiter

Harvest party 2022

Harvest Party Oct 15, 2022

Fun was had by all at last Saturdays Oct 15, Harvest Party, from Pumpkin weight contest, to raffles, silent auction and amazing food. Music with our dear friend Ian Wilson. And the food mostly grown at Groundswell was superb!!! Many wanted recipes, so stay tune! And the weather was perfect. A mix of members and volunteers enjoyed the evening.
Thanks Ian and all those who donated art work, produce and time!
harvest party 2022harvest party 2022harvest party 2022harvest party 2022harvest party 2022harvest party 2022

An Autumn Morning in the Garden!

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flowersYumm… Pumpkin spiced coffee, carrot cake and a garden tour
Sept 7, 10:00 to 11:30 at an Invermere private garden.
Cost: members $15/non members $20
To register, see tickets.
coffeeGreet the morning glories and listen to the trumpet flowers glorious song of colour.
Learn more about the unique combing of flowers and veggies with a special interest in zinnias, gourds, pumpkins and squashes.
Check out a unique deer fence.
Join a fun discussion on what trees and shrubs could fill in a new area to expand the garden for next year.

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