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Rustic Holiday Wreathwreath

wreath workshop
wreath workshop
wreath workshop
wreath workshopThe Home Hardware holiday wreath making workshop brought out the creative gifts of our talented valley folk and resulted in some beautiful, festive wreaths. 
The scent of greenery – pine, fir, juniper and cedar filled the air adding to the festive season. Pynelogs rang with laughter and busy conversations as people discussed holiday plans. 
Groundswell was careful to prune only where the forest wanted them and in such a way as to encourage new growth next year. The trees and bushes shared their bounty and we gave thanks. 

Celebrate the Season with your own special touches…

A Rustic Holiday Wreath – SOLD OUT

Join friends and create a natural, fragrant, and recyclable wreath of green bowers, burlap bows, pinecones and berries.
You don’t have to be crafty to do this well, come to have fun!

apple cider

Date: Tuesday 2022 Dec 6
Time: 6:30 to 8:30
Location: Pynelogs

Sip hot apple cider as you check one more task off your holiday list. √

Cost: $30 members, $35 for non-members (All materials provided).

How to tuck your garden up for the winter

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putting your garden to bedEllen Wilker will guide you through scheduling and prioritizing what you need to do to tuck your garden safely up for the winter:

  • What to do with your compost
  • How to winter seed
  • How to protect your soil
  • How to keep biodiversity over the winter so it is still there come spring
  • How to protect your plants, shrubs, trees from animal damage
  • How to overwinter your plants
  • How to clean up and protect your perennial beds
  • How to care for your tools, structures and greenhouse so they are ready for spring

Date: Sunday, Sept 18, 2022
Time: 1:30 – 3:30
Location: Old Blue Truck Farm – 1076 Swansea Road Invermere BC
Cost: Members – $20.00
Non Members- $25
Note: Groundswell will be doing separate workshops on dividing tubers and seed saving.
Ellen Wilker
Ellen has a BSc in Environmental science and Geography, and currently doing a diploma in Environmental Restoration. She started her journey in agriculture as a farm hand at edible acres. It was here she fell in love with developing a reciprocal relationship with the land, for her community. After school she joined forces with her family in order to get The Old Blue Truck Farm off the ground. Her plan is to combine her love for agriculture with the environment in order to restore agroecological systems!