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Thinking of building a Greenhouse

Thinking of building a Greenhouse – like to learn more of the pros and cons?!
From the school of hard knocks come the stories of those who have been enjoying more produce over a longer season – stories of gardeners who pulled a few windows together, to a semi permanent plastic tube, to a 3 season permanent structure, to a year round greenhouse – from electrical, to solar, to geothermal, to sun only – all the possibilities, all the decisions needed to match your needs, time and wallet.

Panelists – Deb Griffith (long time valley gardener), Jim Bennett (new greenhouse owner who discovered the value of focusing on foundation), Dale Wilker (growing naturally for profit), Sabrina Boileau (greenhouse expert, and new Home Hardware Greenhouse Supervisor).
They’ll cover the whole gambit. And answer your questions.
You’ll have time to discuss your own ideas and needs. You’ll get feedback from each other and the experts.
Hot cider and cookies and lots of conversation will help cement those dreams of more food for your table and more food to share.
Date: March 2, 2023
Time: 6:30 to 9:00 PM
Location: Home Hardware
Facilitator: Panel and Small Group Discussion **Demonstration of some greenhouse options
Cost: Members (Premium and Regular) – $20. Non-members – $30.

Home Hardware and Groundswell Community Gardens and Greenhouse
Partnered for Food Sustainability for the Valley.

Create Your Own Vermicompost

Looking for a worthwhile and fun activity to do with your children?

Young or Old Wiggle Away
Create Your Own Vermicompost

Do you want to do a bit for climate change?
Do you want to help the gardens around you be healthier?
Do you hate wasting kitchen scraps? …And hey, you will also be reducing the cost of garbage pickup.

vermicompostJoin Landon as she helps you create your very vermicomposter, a box of red wriggler worms that eat up compost and give worm castings that are great for the garden. The worms are very low maintenance and help prevent food waste. All materials provided, worms included!

Facilitator: Landon Dales
Date: Feb 25, 2023
Time: 10 AM to 12 PM
Location: Groundswell Community Greenhouse
Attendee: Adults and children over age 8 accompanied by an adult.
Cost: Members (regular and premium) $35.00, non members $45.00 – you will go home with your own very sanitary wormary that you will enjoy using for years to come and your own and your neighbour’s gardens will flourish.

Things to bring: your waterbottle, we will supply gloves and all materials including the worms. You will go home with your own wormary.

After event update:

Landon Dale was up to his elbows in worms and quickly had everyone build their ow worm composters which will save thousands of pounds of kitchen waste from the landfill.
Each participant took their own wormery home and will have nutritious worm castings to add to their gardens this summer instead of expensive commercial fertilizer. These new worm moms are created a healthier earth.

Winter gardener series

Was 2022 Jan Feb mar

winter gardener
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Rustic Holiday Wreathwreath

wreath workshop
wreath workshop
wreath workshop
wreath workshopThe Home Hardware holiday wreath making workshop brought out the creative gifts of our talented valley folk and resulted in some beautiful, festive wreaths. 
The scent of greenery – pine, fir, juniper and cedar filled the air adding to the festive season. Pynelogs rang with laughter and busy conversations as people discussed holiday plans. 
Groundswell was careful to prune only where the forest wanted them and in such a way as to encourage new growth next year. The trees and bushes shared their bounty and we gave thanks. 

Celebrate the Season with your own special touches…

A Rustic Holiday Wreath – SOLD OUT

Join friends and create a natural, fragrant, and recyclable wreath of green bowers, burlap bows, pinecones and berries.
You don’t have to be crafty to do this well, come to have fun!

apple cider

Date: Tuesday 2022 Dec 6
Time: 6:30 to 8:30
Location: Pynelogs

Sip hot apple cider as you check one more task off your holiday list. √

Cost: $30 members, $35 for non-members (All materials provided).