Going on a Flight Soon? Groundswell’s Fly It Forward, offers individuals and businesses the option to voluntarily offset their carbon produced from air travel through a financial contribution toward demonstration projects and education programs Groundswell conducts at home and inspires action around the world.

Through Fly It Forward, Groundswell wants to change the term ‘offset payment’ into community investment by directing your CO2 associated payment into our ongoing climate change solutions programs and events. Groundswell operates the award-winning Community Greenhouse and Permaculture Gardens as CO2 neutral teaching and food producing facilities and invests in many CO2 busting activities.

When you enroll in Fly It Forward your investments empower these made in Canada solutions through Groundswell:

  • Local food production – fresh organic produce with almost zero food miles delivered into our schools and community food systems;
  • Applied, renewable energy demonstration projects and education programs;
  • Youth training, skills development and employment in the sustainability sector;
  • School and community directed education programs and workshops;
  • Waste reduction, recycling, water conservation and community composting;
  • Transportation alternatives – electric vehicle charging stations, operation of solar electric vehicles, a car share network and education programs;
  • Online resources, conference & workshop presentations, and outreach to communities throughout the Kootenays and around the world.

Ready to join Fly It Forward but don’t have any miles to bank? Simply fill in the form, enter ‘0’ kilometres and sign out.

We will recognize you or your business’s involvement through our publications, website, and social media that you can share with your clients and friends. As a patron of Fly It Forward you tell others you value that “what’s good for the planet is good for people too.” Create an office challenge with your staff, encourage your clients to enroll and challenge your competition to up their game. All program participants receive 5% discounts on Groundswell events, products and services along with decals.


Fly it Forward is Easy to Calculate! For every 1,000 km you fly you invest $5.00 in Groundswell’s climate friendly programs: E.G. – One-way Toronto to Vancouver is 3,390 km x $.0050 = $16.95 invested through Fly It Forward.

Thank you to our wonderful sponsors!

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