Here you’ll find items we could use along with good stuff we have to trade or sell. We pledge to put all your donated items to good use and the purchase of our used items directs funds back into our education programs and operations.

Items on our wish list need not be brand-new, one man’s trash is another man’s treasure!

We need:

  • 40ft USB Cable
  • 4ft by 4ft greenhouse wall louver vent
  • 3ft by 3ft greenhouse wall fan
  • Pond liner and pump for Permaculture Garden 40′ x 25′
  • Pond liner for Heritage Garden 20′ x 20′
  • Impact driver and drill
  • Wheel barrow(s) and other gardening tools are always useful
  • cement mixer (we mix a lot of soil and compost recipes)

Groundswell’s Crazy Blow Out Sale! Or trade*:

  • Two large heat exchange units (one is brand new). One has a fan, both suitable for a large garage or shop
  • A mid-sized venting fan for wall or ceiling (suitable for a small greenhouse)
  • Large expansion tank
  • Large sodium halide lamps and shades for greenhouses
  • 4′ double T8 Florescent light fixtures for starting seedlings

 *Contact us by email


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