The Heritage Garden beside Pynelogs  Arts and Cultural Centre is the site of Groundswell’s first community garden project that builds Bill GNS Pics_0309on a long history of gardening at the site. In 1914 the Honourable Randolph Bruce, former Lieutenant Governor of British Columbia, started a garden here beside his new home in honour of his bride Elizabeth.  Unfortunately Lady Elizabeth died before she could enjoy their new home and garden; she is buried near the shore of Lake Windermere not far from the garden.

IMG_1562Many decades later while working on community gardens in Africa, local rancher David Zehnder was inspired to start a community garden here in memory of his late mother Vreine. The old garden was reborn as the Heritage Garden in 2000 recognizing early pioneering gardeners and farmers of our region. Some plants and seeds here draw lineage from the gardens of these pioneering families.

The Heritage Garden grew, run by the Columbia Valley Botanical Gardens, now Groundswell Network Society. Today the Heritage Garden at Pynelogs continues to grow food and flowers, a garden oasis run by and for the community. In preparation for the 100th anniversary we are discussing some renovations at the Heritage Garden to celebrate and continue the legacy; stay tuned and consider getting involved in the makeover!

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By getting involved and becoming a Member of Groundswell – You can help keep this garden growing as a source of learning for our children, an outlet for community work and creativity, rest and relaxation for everyone to enjoy. Your time or financial contribution is always appreciated.


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