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From the earliest days of human existence, medicine has been central in man’s struggle for existence and survival within the face of a myriad of diseases and other ailments that every day confront him. In its numerous forms of follow, medicine has been a highly regarded profession and other people looked upon medicine practitioners as the most important individuals in the society. This idea of and societal attitude to medicine and its practitioners have survived till right this moment, with medical practitioners being thought to be subsequent to God in the matter of the preservation and sustenance of life and health.

Through the years, the medicine trade has metamorphosed into an enormous network of ancillary personnel who facilitate the work of medicine practitioners in a variety of ways. Among this variety personnel are nurses who constitute the main and most necessary element of the health business, with roles and functions which no different health care professionals have. Although the purpose has not continuously been made or usually canvassed, the role of the nursing profession in the success and effectiveness of the medical profession isn’t only basic but actually indispensable. And that’s to say that the credit and tribute in the success of the medicine profession have to be shared between medicine practitioners and nurses first and foremost.

The primacy of the role of nurses in the medical profession is clearly evident in the area of sufferers’ care which varieties the central function and focus of medical practice. While the major perform of the medical practitioner or doctor is that of disease prognosis and drug prescription in addition to routine visits and statement, the nurses carry out very many different vital capabilities that are critical to the survival and recovery of the patient touching on the emotional, physical, psychological and psychological state and stability of the patients. Nurses not only play the role of patients’ households and relations by providing vital minute to minute care, assistance and basic support to sufferers, in the case of children sufferers, nurses continuously play the role of mothers with all its emotional and psychological requirements by children. The same applies to the care of elderly patients, disabled patients, mental sufferers and other specialised sufferers over which the nurse acts as instant and ever present support and care.

Nurses additionally play crucial function in post recovery rehabilitation of patients. Besides their vital role in affected person care, nurses play the same necessary position in primary and preventive health care in the form of public health promotion – educating the public on the prevention of ailments, accidents and general health knowledge. Experienced and well trained nurses also play remarkable role in medical research and diagnosis based mostly on long years of experience in affected person care. Therefore in many cases, nurses draw the attention of medical doctors to observed signs in sufferers which are frequently accurate or also provide efficient lead for more accurate diagnosis by doctors. By advantage of their commentary skills and round-the-clock presence round sufferers, nurses provide ongoing evaluation of patient’s health which when shared with doctors lead to more effective or efficacious treatments.

Not infrequently, nurses have saved lives through keen and vigilant watch over patients and reporting signs or symptoms of some critical developments to medical doctors reminiscent of respiratory failure, cardiac arrest and other critical affected person conditions. In many cases, skilled nurses are known to have successfully and efficiently saved the lives of sufferers at such critical moments when a doctor just isn’t forthcoming or absent by successfully performing vital intervention tasks that ought to otherwise be carried out by a doctor. Maybe among the most important and admirable function of nurses is the emotional and psychological function they offer the sufferers at the hour of demise which is essentially the most critical moment of a person’s life. Once more, this they do by advantage of their round-the-clock proximity and companionship with sufferers and in most cases, nurses are the nearest and often only human companion to supply last minute succor to the affected person at this harrowing moment.

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