Food Bank partnership

Groundswell is committed to Food Sustainability for the valley

Columbia Valley Food Bank

In a crisis (forest fires, floods, avalanches or break downs in supply chain) the valley can be cut off from supplies for a period of time. This is making the issue of food sustainability an increasing concern. Groundswell has been leading the way in addressing this issue.

First by donating all extra produce from the greenhouse and the gardens to the Food Bank. This provides needed nutrients and a healthier diet for it’s patrons.
Groundswell is educating the community through workshops, articles and social media on the responsibility each person has to be part of Food Sustainability in the valley. That can be achieved by growing a small patch of extra edibles for donation, or supporting local producers, or harvest wild berries and edibles, or by ensuring less food waste by buying only what you need and encouraging your local stores to make something from the stale dated produce. One workshop example of tiny positive steps is the gardeners from The Winter Gardener Program are growing 3 times more edibles than they did last year. The additional food will be donated to the Columbia Valley Food Bank. There is a lot to be done but with strong partners such as Columbia Valley Food and Farm we are making progress.

JA Laird students hand over first crop to Food Bank past president Lawrie Mack.