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Events is always a work in progress with limitless possibilities. We have had the chance to learn a lot from contributing professionals and have had a great time spreading that knowledge throughout the community. Come keep busy with us in the garden, there’s always something to do and something to learn! We would like to hear from you if you have any know-how, time or materials to to share, we can have tea in the garden and explore opportunities. As a member you will automatically be alerted and invited to all events – garden tours, workshops, garden sales and festive occasions.

Group by ovenAs part of our emphasis on food security and education, a welcome addition to the Permaculture Garden is our teaching area, where we have built a wood-fired artisan bread and pizza oven. The oven was built through a workshop in September 2013 with Dirt Craft and the generous contribution of local stone mason, Darren Livingston who voluntarily built the stunning rock base of the oven. Made of clay, sand and straw, building this cob oven provided us with an excellent view into the art of natural building! Visit our Facebook page for pics and video (link top right).
The teaching kitchen has been added. This space brings community members together for open discussions, to share gardening tips or their favorite recipes or simply a place to savor the tranquility of the garden while enjoying locally sourced fresh and organic produce.
To inquire about facilitating a program or participating in one, please email:
Check out the Event Calendar and see what is on.


Over the course of a year Groundswell hosts many events both educational and social. From the large annual Plant Sale, to the Harvest Festival, to Thyme for Gardening Mentoring and Veggie Pizza feasts prepared in the garden pizza oven. Community is built and nutritious food is celebrated.


The garden can be rented for your special events – from an office get together to a family reunion.
If you or your organization would be interested in partnering with or hosting an event in the garden please contact –