Rent a Bed Terms and Conditions

Beds are rented on a yearly basis starting in January of each year. However, beds sometimes become available during the year. If you are interested in renting a bed, fill out the rent-a-bed form, submit it and you will be contacted if a bed becomes available.

  • Bed rental is available to Groundswell members only.
  • Beds are rented for one year, starting in January. First priority is given to past renters who have met all the contract agreements. From there rental opportunity is given on a first come, first serve basis. Beds are restricted to 1 per person unless there are beds that have not been rented.
  • All beds regardless of size are rented at $50.00 per season.
  • Beds can be rented by an individual or by a group.
  • If a Group then if they are in good standing from previous years they have priority for renting for the following year.
  • All gardeners are required to attend an orientation session at the beginning of the season (preferably in person but potentially on line if personal attendance is not possible).
  • All fees go towards the bed, soil, some compost, water, tools and materials for the garden. You are required to supply your own soil amendments, seeds and plant.

Plants ready for transplant into your bed, such as tomatoes, can be purchased from the Groundswell greenhouse at the spring plant sale.

Application form.

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    Your application will be responded to within 5 working days. You’ll receive a confirmation email with a link to the payment page. NOTE: your must renew your membership prior to paying for the rental.

    If no beds are available at the time of your application you will be notified and you will go on a waiting list in the order applications were received.