Groundswell Offers Two Educational Workshops for Primary & Elementary Aged Children

In collaboration with CBEEN’s Wild Voices for Kids program, Groundswell Network Society is once again offering two excellent half-day workshops for primary and elementary aged children during this 2019 fall season!

Play and Plant!

Is a half-day (2.5 hours) bookable workshop for Kindergarten to Grade 3 classes.

About the Program

The Plant and Play program introduces students to the basic survival needs of local plants and animals, the importance, parts, and life cycle of plants and animals. Students learn that different vegetables and plants have adapted different seeds and have a chance to match the seeds with what plant they are from. Students will plant seeds both at the Community Greenhouse and in a small pot that they can take home and watch the development. Students, teachers, and families are encouraged to return to the Groundswell Community Greenhouse to check on the progress of their plants over the season.

The program combines lessons, hands-on activities, a 5 senses sit spot, a song/chant, hands-in the dirt activities and a take away as well as games and free playtime. The program will be outside, so please dress according to the weather and with the understanding that students will be getting into the dirt (and thus dirty!).

To book this workshop, or read more about the curricular connections, please visit CBEEN’s Wild Voices for Kids webpage, or contact us.

Field to Fork to Fertilizer!

Is a half-day (2.5 hours) bookable workshop for Grades 4-6.

About the Program

This program will take place in the Community Greenhouse – a perfect place to discuss where our food comes from, what healthy eating looks like, and composting to return the nutrients to the the earth!

We will experience a Sensory wake up as we taste, feel, see, hear, smell different fruits and vegetables in a variety of preserved states. We will do preserving of local season foods while discussing communicable and non communicable diseases – washing hands, sneezing on your sleeve and coughing in the trough. We will digest – talking about where our food goes once in our mouth, in our sit spots. We will sing a bunch of silly songs, share stories, and play games.

To book this workshop, or read more about the curricular connections, please visit CBEEN’s Wild Voices for Kids webpage, or contact us.

About the Community Educator

Lisa is an Early Childhood Educator, Support Worker (for preschoolers, children, teenagers and adults requiring extra support), Ranch UpAround Camp Owner and Operator and MudPie Collective co-owner. In the past, Lisa was a Preschool Teacher, Family Program Coordinator, Behaviour Interventionist, Cub Scout Leader and Children’s Centre Manager. Her favourites include children, animals, and dirt!


Groundswell has partnered with David Thompson Secondary School (DTSS) in Invermere BC. We offer growing space, seeding, plant care and harvest education to Chef Training students. Teaching the next generation of chefs about farm-to-fork advantages in the kitchen is another Applied Sustainable Living demonstration happening on campus. This program supports long term local food systems development. Once the school year is complete, Groundswell tends the crop to ensure it’s ready for harvest by students in the fall.

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