Spring Into Action with Applied Sustainable Living School Programs With Groundswell.
Groundswell is offering programs for Kindergarten to Grade 7 students this spring. The program themes include Vegetable Gardening, Composting and Energy. Our applied sustainable living programs connect students, teachers and parents with practical skills, innovative projects, new technology and current research at our beautiful 3000 sq. ft. Community Greenhouse and 12,000 sq. ft. Permaculture Garden. We tailor our programs to your student’s relevant learning outcomes, inquiries and routines under our broad theme areas.
Program length – 45 minutes to 1hour of structured activities.
Program cost – $50 per class

Everything You Need to Know,

You Can Learn in a Garden!


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Everything You Need to Know You Can Learn in a Garden

Plant the seeds in kids and watch them grow! Children and gardens are a perfect match for inquisitive minds and open hearts.  Students will be introduced to indoor and outdoor garden concepts and techniques including seeds, soil, nutrients, watering, tools, tending and harvesting.  Oh, and did we mention weeding?  Even weeding can be a fun and engaging topic and what do we do with those weeds? Well, for starters, they make excellent compost…

Let’s Get Rotten…

with Composting!


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Let’s Get Rotten…with compost!

Composting is fun and easy, kind of like baking a cake if you stick to the recipe.  In our poor soils composting is also a necessity to grow healthy gardens but how does it work?  Billions of tiny microscopic life forms transform the organic ‘waste’ in a compost pile into the black gold organic gardeners know is the foundation of their success. We take a look at the ingredients needed, the tiny critters that make it happen and the process and techniques people need to become composting champions.

Watts all this?

Renewable Energy


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Watts all this? Renewable Energy

Kids have energy that’s for sure but do they know where it comes from? We start at the source – the Sun.  The big bright orb in the sky is the source of almost every form of energy on earth, making the wind blow and the rain fall including putting calories in food from photosynthesis that fuels those kids. These energy cycles keep the lights on, move giant trains and drives global food systems.  We explore the many connections that energy has in our daily lives with a special focus on renewable energy.

For more details please contact our Events and Programs Coordinator, Ally Candy at greenhouse@groundswellnetwork.ca

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