Should Fixing Audit Take 4 Steps?

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As the Supervisors were being pressed by audit officials to surrender the codes, the Supervisors invented a tale of the century. The media and Dems on TV will play it off like it’s a “Republican-led partisan witch hunt,” but they know what they did, and the “Big Lie” being exposed terrifies the heck out of Dems – as well as people like Liz Cheney and Kevin McCarthy, and other GOP establishment hacks who were clearly in on it. CISA security advisors, who are located throughout the country, consult with state and local Election Audit officials and identify voluntary, no cost services that CISA can provide. In this November 6, 2020, photo, Arizona elections officials continue to count ballots inside the Maricopa County Recorder’s Office in Phoenix. The last of many election fraud lawsuits filed in Michigan following the November 2020 presidential election was dismissed by an Antrim County Circuit Court judge Tuesday. This includes anyone who was involved with Windham’s November General Election, or anyone employed by or associated with LHS Associates.

The few members of the media who were allowed to be in on this operation were able to keep it secret all this time, and Pieczenik thanks them for doing so. But Michigan lawmakers have already “prescribed” how audits occur in Michigan, and in doing so, they did not create a mechanism for an independent audit by a non-governmental entity. Though Joe Biden may not have been your candidate of choice, the election is over. Nearly 2.1 million ballots from the 2020 election in Arizona will go into temporary storage Friday to make way for planned high school graduation ceremonies at the site of an unprecedented audit of President Joe Biden’s win in the state. MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow warns “the end of democracy” is nigh in responding to news that a Maricopa County auditor has picked to get involved in the Antrim County, Michigan, 2020 election lawsuit… In a year that has been difficult on so many fronts, Arizonans-no matter their political party-should be congratulating our hard-working election officials on a job well done and celebrating our democracy.

And Arizona lawmakers and county officials continue to clash over terms of the audit, which includes the recount and other components contracted to an outside vendor whose founder has promoted election fraud theories, according to The Arizona Republic. A recount is underway in Windham, New Hampshire. The Windham, New Hampshire, election audit has revealed no evidence of widespread fraud, according to one of the election officials tasked with leading it. That aligns with what state and county officials said after it was revealed that early on, thousands of votes were incorrectly tabulated in favor of President Joe Biden in Antrim County, which has about 23,000 residents. Formal audit trails also are an essential tool for election officials to evaluate the relative strengths and weaknesses of their current policies and procedures. GAO reviewed DHS’s strategies, plans, and services provided to Election Audit officials. Howley is currently focusing on the possible politicization of Child Protective Services. “The ballot images and the activity logs should be a public record,” said John Brakey, an Arizona-based election transparency activist focusing on ballot image audits. Multiple audits have already shown that there were no irregularities in Maricopa County. Irregularities and inconsistencies associated with the conduct of the elections together with accusations of barriers to the transparent tabulation of election results warrant a closer and more comprehensive examination than state agencies have thus far undertaken,” the lawmakers wrote in a joint statement.

However, if the Senate insists on continuing down this path and proceeds to conduct an additional audit or recount, it is essential that they do so in a way that protects the voters’ privacy and the integrity and security of the subpoenaed ballots and election equipment, and follows Arizona’s existing requirements surrounding audits and recounts. Instead, a state law updated in late 2018 gives the Secretary of State exclusive authority to develop audit procedures, and empowers the state and local election clerks to conduct those reviews. The reviews of the 2020 election continue elsewhere as well. The Michigan GOP is involved in plans for a petition drive to try to tighten voting laws in the wake of the 2020 election, a rare but constitutional maneuver that would allow the Legislature to enact reforms without Whitmer’s signature. “Dominion Voting Systems corruption uncovered,” a post on plaintiff attorney Matthew DePerno’s website still says. Attorneys for Antrim County and Michigan Secretary of State Jocelyn Benson are objecting to a proposed order from Matthew DePerno, the attorney for the plaintiff, filed after a judge rejected an effort last month to force a new audit of the results.

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