Laura MacKinnonLaura MacKinnon
Laura has been the new Greenhouse manager through the fall of 2022. she has focused on the organization, cleanup and safety in the Greenhouse while maintaining planting, growing and harvesting schedules.
She has a deep love and respect for Nature and all things green and dirty, started from a very young age in the garden and her favourite spot in the world – Assiniboine Park in Winnipeg, where she grew up. This love brought her to Lethbridge where she completed multiple diplomas in Environmental Studies, and took her skills into the field of industry, non-profit and community outreach. She has a passion for teaching and sharing her knowledge with others, especially helping to discover their own love of Nature and wild things. Laura lives in Invermere with her partner Andy, daughters Keely and Winnie, and furry friend Indika. Her favourite places to be are on her yoga mat, wandering hiking trails, or on her paddleboard.

Sabrina BoileauSabrina Boileau
Sabrina is the new Horticulturist/Greenhouse Supervisor for Home Hardware. You will be seeing lots of changes at Home Hardware this coming growing season in 2023 as she opens a new greenhouse and expands the gardening lines for the benefit of all our gardeners.
Sabrina is passionate about biointensive agriculture and has taken a liking in growing tomatoes especially.

She was the manager at Groundswell Network Society in 2022 and in that time she more than tripled the tomato output from the greenhouse. She increased Groundswells crops and focused on using the principles of no-till and permaculture in the gardens.

She has always loved the outdoors and this is why she started working in agriculture about 10 years ago traveling from Quebec to the Similkameen valley to work on organic farms and orchards. She is presently undergoing a horticulture diploma at University of Guelph with a specialization in Greenhouse Management.

“Groundswell has helped me to develop my leadership skills and grow the bigger picture in farm and community garden operations.”

Jessica Hildebrent

Jessica is the Apple Rescue Coordinator at Groundswell Network Society. She has grown up in the Kootenays. She started assisting at Groundswell this spring and is learning and “growing” experience gardening and working in a greenhouse.

“Groundswell has helped me develop strong assets, teaching me how to provide food for my family.”

Farmers Market
Farmers Market