In keeping with our Mission, Groundswell leads by example and advances community sustainability through applied demonstration projects that result in health for people, the environment and the economy.  In doing so, it is our aim to bring innovative projects out of the realm “of too difficult”, “too impractical” or “too technical” into the realm of “achievable”, “thought provoking” and “doable” for us as individuals and as a community so that we get inspired to solve some of the most difficult challenges of our time.Issues related to food supply and quality, agriculture, energy, water, loss of biological diversity, climate disruption, meaningful work, social inclusion, engaging youth and seniors can seem large and beyond our personal abilities to affect in a positive way. At Groundswell our Sustainable Initiatives are projects that attempt to bring potential solutions to these challenges into our everyday lives at home, at work and in our communal spaces. The Community Greenhouse and Permaculture Garden are living demonstrations accessible to everyone that feature:

    • production of organic, wholesome and local foods
    • renewable energy technology
    • harvesting, conservation and recycling of water
    • soil creation and conservation
    • waste reduction and recycling
    • green building techniques and materials
    • transportation alternatives
    • accessible physical space for social gatherings, events, dialogue and learning
    • source of employment, skill development and meaningful work
    • natural spaces that benefit insects, birds, plant diversity and people
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