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Tuber Tango – the divide and swap steps.

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Dancing involves practice, companionship, and joy. So too does learning to divide, store, and start dahlia tubers.

Jessie Caza (King) and Pat Roome and their dance partners will teach you all about dividing tubers to increase your quantities, storing your dahlias over winter, and starting them in the spring.

Arrive empty handed or dig up your own dahlia tubers and bring them along (you may have friends with dahlias who just let them freeze in their gardens and die – they’d be happy to give them to you if you asked to save them).  You’ll learn how to identify the parts of the dahlias, how to cut them, label them, how to let them cure and then store them over winter.

This session includes swapping/giving of tubers & tango’ing (socializing) – please bring an image of your dahlia(s) in bloom to show others. Participants who arrived without dahlias may be able to buy tubers from other gardeners.

Argentinian wine and cheeses will be served to improve your tango (socializing), tuber splitting, and swapping.

Date: October 18, 2022

Time: 6:30 to 8:30 PM

Location: Groundswell Community Greenhouse and Gardens  1535 14th Street

Cost: Includes wine and nibblies.  Members Price: $30.00/person Non Member – $35.00

Seating is Limited