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Spring Fling

Time to feel lighter, brighter and breezy. Push the heaviness of winter away as you come out of hibernation to enjoy the new beginnings of spring.
Understand why we need to cleanse our bodies and ignite our brains. Explore the impact of seasonal diet changes. Take your favorite recipes and add herb goodness.
dandelionsThis workshop will include a dandelion walk and then time in the kitchen to make some healthy goodness to take home: buds for a dandelion stir fry, salad dressing to add to your new greens, a spring tonic/cleanser, and a dandelion root tincture.
Date: April 26, 2023
Time: 6 to 9
Location: Groundswell Community Greenhouse (the walk will start from there)
Cost: Members (Regular and Premium) $35, Non members $45 (you will take home your own freshly made salad dressing, tonic, buds, and tincture)
Facilitator: Heather Fischbuch
What to bring: gardening gloves, trowel, water bottle, your garden journal (if you don’t have one you can purchase it at the session for $10.)