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Garden Drum Party with Rhythm By Nature

Did you know sound waves stimulate plant cells?
drum partydrum party
More and more studies are being released that indicate when certain musical vibrations are played in the company of plants, nutrients are encouraged to move throughout the plant body, promoting new growth and strengthening their immune systems.

While you are helping the plants you will be helping your own body. Drumming gives the body a massage as the vibrations dislodge crystals from your tissues into the bloodstream for your body to eliminate.

Drum in rhythm with the bird song, the leaves in the breeze, the vibration of the earth. Find a new level of peace and appreciation.

Come put it to the test and get those roots, along with your hands and feet tapping! We wish to invite our growing community of gardeners and their families to attend our first garden drum circle party.

No drumming experience is needed and instruments will be provided. Please bring your own chair.
drum party
Date: Aug 10
Time: 7:00 to 8:30
Location: Groundswell Community Greenhouse and Gardens

Tickets: Members: $15, Non-Members $20 Includes drum and light refreshments

This is a fundraiser supported by Rhythm By Nature. Come drum and have fun!