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Garden of lights – Capture a memory in a snow globe – Ruth Cavanagh Photography

Ruth and KonnorRuth and Konnor

“Food is hard on the budget these days. I believe fresh food that hasn’t been sprayed with chemicals and that is grown naturally is important. Teaching our kids how to grow their own food is also very important. Our food needs to be nutritious. Groundswell is a perfect opportunity to do just this. I love supporting locally grown food and a place where children have hands-on experience growing food is amazing.

I look forward to supporting Groundswell by taking photos for $15/family of each of you attending the Garden of Lights evening. Capturing a special memory for you makes my holiday season bright.”

Rustic Holiday Wreath 2023 event

“Thank you Barb and all the groundswell team for the wonderful workshop of the wreath building. We had so much fun a real girls night out for us. Looking forward to the Christmas display !”
– Laura Evans


Event info: Enjoy a festive evening with friends, while helping make magic for both the Garden of Light and your own home. Make a wreath to decorate the greenhouse and at the same time make a wreath to take home for yourself. You’ll work fast and efficiently on the Groundswell wreath and then get more creative on your own.

Mark your calendar:
Location: Lions Hall behind the Chamber of Commerce – Hwy 93
Date: 2023 Dec 5
Time: 6:00 to 9:00 PM – you can come later and leave earlier if your schedule requires

This event was sold out.

Materials will be supplied.

NOTE: For your own wreath – there may be some special decorations you want to add so bring them along.

Things to bring: Please bring a hot glue gun if you have one. Heavy scissors to cut branches, you may want gardening gloves to protect your hands.

We would appreciate fine wire if you have it to spare.

Cost: $20 goes to Groundswell – Tickets : events@groundswellnetwork.ca

NOTE: the ones for home will not have lights. The ones you make for Garden of Lights will have lights

Nourishing a Culture of Community

Columbia Valley Pioneer, Article – Nov 9th

Feed the heart and you will feed the whole…

Nourishing a Culture of Community
“Everyone has the right to healthy food. It’s our first line of defense against costly and debilitating illness,” says Groundswell Board Member, Michele Wall. “It is a sad state when a head of lettuce isn’t affordable. Ensuring organic food through local gardening has become the responsibility of everyone.”

Here’s your chance to support this important issue while making your holiday season a little brighter – Mark Your Calendar: Dec 15/16 & Dec 22/23 – The First Annual Garden of Lights – 4 glamorous holiday evenings showcasing music, food, and festivities under 10,000 twinkling lights at Groundswell Community Greenhouse and Gardens in Invermere, a non-profit run by volunteers. Yes, this is the group that grew 8 community garden beds to 50, partnered with Home Hardware to teach 245 JA Laird students how to grow food and donate it to the Columbia Valley Food Bank, possibly tripled the tomato production in the valley, and keeps bears safe with the Apple Rescue program, all while educating on permaculture and living soil… treating the earth gently while it provides for us.

Many in the valley have seen how quickly our grocery shelves empty during fires, floods, and avalanches, and are doing their part to raise money for more food production in the valley by producing some special holiday memories for you:

The Invermere Brick was the first to step up making the evenings possible. Owner, Robin Aldred says, “The Brick Invermere is honoured to be the Lead Sponsor for The Garden of Lights supporting food sustainability. This is a subject that I and many other locals feel very strongly about as the need in the community is apparent and ongoing. After speaking with volunteers who work so diligently to make sure that The Groundswell Network operates as optimally as possible, it becomes clear how large that need is. I feel that it is our shared responsibility as community members to help support those that endeavor to make The Valley a better place for all of us, and The Brick Invermere is proud to be able to give back to our community.”

article photo

HI Jinx’s talented owner, Arly Franson and her creative team are heading up decorating to bring Candyland, Wonderland and Whoville to the gardens.

Linnea & Louise making ‘gingies’, lollys, and gum drops a feast your eyes.

The David Thompson IA students are creating a Starland that will light the sky with their brilliance.

article photo

Summit Trail Makers, led by Doug Andrus, are putting down their chainsaws and picking up their staple guns to install a rainbow of lights for you and your little ones to stroll through.

The Home Hardware team, a strong supporter of Food sustainability, is building stands for 50 trees decorated by individual sponsors … you will vote on YOUR FAVORITE TREE – from fantasy to fantastic to funny, you will share laughter with neighbors as you enjoy them all.

article photo

CV Arts partnered up to give us our awesome Entertainment Director, Slone Leman, an up-and-coming recording artist, who is creating a musical tapestry that includes the new JA Laird Choir, Spring Burke with her violin romancing you in the greenhouse, and Bryant Olender kicking out the beat in the gardens as you dance round the fire.
The little ones will enjoy Kayla Wolfenden, appearing as Cindy Lou, with a reading of The Night Before Christmas each evening at 6 PM. Stand by for so much more.

Tayton Bay will have a hot toddy ready to warm you, The Smoke House’s mouth-watering pulled pork on a bun will fill your tummy, and Sweet Mountain Ice will have your favorite popcorn treat. They’ll be joined by the students of JA Laird who will be selling hot chocolate to raise money for their garden program.

Tickets are on sale now (Tickets will only be available on line).

Come and Connect at the Garden of Lights!