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Thinking of building a Greenhouse

Thinking of building a Greenhouse – like to learn more of the pros and cons?!
From the school of hard knocks come the stories of those who have been enjoying more produce over a longer season – stories of gardeners who pulled a few windows together, to a semi permanent plastic tube, to a 3 season permanent structure, to a year round greenhouse – from electrical, to solar, to geothermal, to sun only – all the possibilities, all the decisions needed to match your needs, time and wallet.

Panelists – Deb Griffith (long time valley gardener), Jim Bennett (new greenhouse owner who discovered the value of focusing on foundation), Dale Wilker (growing naturally for profit), Sabrina Boileau (greenhouse expert, and new Home Hardware Greenhouse Supervisor).
They’ll cover the whole gambit. And answer your questions.
You’ll have time to discuss your own ideas and needs. You’ll get feedback from each other and the experts.
Hot cider and cookies and lots of conversation will help cement those dreams of more food for your table and more food to share.
Date: March 2, 2023
Time: 6:30 to 9:00 PM
Location: Home Hardware
Facilitator: Panel and Small Group Discussion **Demonstration of some greenhouse options
Cost: Members (Premium and Regular) – $20. Non-members – $30.

Home Hardware and Groundswell Community Gardens and Greenhouse
Partnered for Food Sustainability for the Valley.

Gardening Basics Workshop Series 2 – Starting Your Seeds- Hot Crops

Gardening Basics Workshop Series
Ensure Success
Get your hands dirty working in the greenhouse while you learn!
Opportunity for gardeners to be gentler on the earth while harvesting more nutritious food…
gardeningPart 2. Starting Your Seeds- Hot Crops

  • Planning your vegetable garden for maximum yield and efficiency.
  • Where to get seeds and what to note about their performance. This will cover GMO, Heritage, Organic, etc. Learn about types of seeds and how they will reward you.
  • Starting your Seeds a variety of ways for earlier harvest. This is hands on planting in the greenhouse and learning various ways to start seeds early if you don’t have a greenhouse.
  • Talking to your seeds and new plants, listening to your seeds and new plants – learning what they are telling you.

Date: March 7, 2023
Time: 6:00 to 8:30 PM
Location: Groundswell Community Greenhouse
Cost: Members (Regular and Premium) – $25.00 Non Members $30.00
What to bring: Your Garden Journal, your garden gloves, trowel, water bottle, seeds you already have that you want to learn more about. (loose or packages).

***NOTE: if you book all 4 programs in this series the total cost for members is $80.00, a savings of $20. Ticket available in part 1