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Invasive Species

Invasive SpeciesSee that pretty little purple bell? GET RID OF IT!
Lean to identify over 5 species of invasive plants that are harming our valley.
This is a walking tour where plants will be identified and the best ways to remove them discussed. You will also make a dint in removing a few as we go. Whether you find them in your own garden or out on a hike, you can do your part to help the valley by addressing them whenever and where ever you can. You can gain ideas for eliminating them in your own garden if you have been invaded!
Rethinking a weed – dandelions – good, creeping bellflower – bad!
Date: Saturday, July 22
Time: 9 to 11 AM

Location: Meet in the parking lot behind Columbia Paddle and we will walk from there.
Cost: Members Regular and Premium $20, Non Members $25.00
Things to bring: gardening gloves, trowel or small spade, walking shoes that can get damp, be prepared to do some kneeling if your knees permit, your phone/camera to take photos of the plants you want to remember for future, Your Garden Journal, your water bottle.
Facilitator: Laura MacKinnon