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Member UPDATE – January 2023

groundswell logoNew web-based membership system
Check out your membership status – has it expired? If you haven’t checked, you can by going to the login page.
Use your email to login. If the message «user not found» shows up, it means you are not a member. Otherwise, you’ll see your member info and expiry date. If you forgot your password, click «forgot password». Contact us for any other error message.
To become member visit the membership page.

Welcome back to Groundswell. Change continues to happen in the gardens. Be informed. As a past member you have helped to sustain Groundswell. You are important.

As Groundswell moves forward we focus more on the critical issue of Food Sustainability in the Valley.

We all know the impact of Covid. We all know what it was like to have the valley cut off by floods, fires and avalanche. We know how fast the grocery shelves emptied. We also know the impact of inflation on ever rising grocery prices and how hard that makes it for many families to put nutritious food on the table. Groundswell has expanded its role:

  • In Permaculture and creating living soil and water conservation
  • Around producing higher yields in the greenhouse and garden so there is more produce for the valley
  • In education for the school program which now encompasses 180 elementary student and the high school Chef’s program
  • In educating the public to produce more and to do it sustainably
  • In encouraging and supporting new greenhouses through the valley
  • In partnering with the valley’s non-profits to leverage resources including The Library Seed Program, The Chamber, Columbia Valley Food and Farm, Wildsight and Wing’s Over the Rockies.


Things to look forward to:

  1. Beds by the greenhouseNew 2 tiered Membership – The Premium Membership offers many benefits including discounts at Home Hardware for all your gardening needs and The Regular Membership which ensures you have access to all your basic needs at a very affordable price. https://groundswellnetwork.ca/membership/
  2. More beds available in the Community gardens for folks without gardens to grow fresh produce for their own family.
  3. More Workshops – join us for learning both basics and fun extras on gardening, food, nutrition, etc. Check out our calendar at https://groundswellnetwork.ca/events
  4. Beds by the greenhouseMore Garden Tours – learning and enjoying tours through the valley with interesting and interested people. Tours are always about everyday gardeners dealing with challenges, being innovative, using permaculture, saving water and creating beauty. Many include refreshments and fun social aspects. https://groundswellnetwork.ca/events
  5. Answers to your gardening questions. If we don’t have them we will help you find them. info@groundswellnetwork.ca
  6. Beds by the greenhouseFind your Tribe – Volunteer opportunities include everything from getting your hands dirty, learning by doing, planting, transplanting, harvesting, assisting at social events, being on a committee. You can choose as much or as little as you want, things that interest you and expand your skills to add to your CV and you can choose the timing that works for you, whether you have 1 hour a week or 1 week a year. Belong to tribe that cares about being gentle on the earth, cares about having everyone fed, likes to party with and share knowledge and experiences with like others.
  7. Beds by the greenhouseChristmas Light Festival – a major December fund raising, community event at the greenhouse which will generate funds desperately needed for operations.
    Beds by the greenhouseLights, action, camera… an extravaganza of music, food, bonfires, and beauty for the whole family. Come be a part of making it a huge success.
    Needed – donations of money and Christmas decorations, creative and crafty hands, organizing skills and handyperson techniques.
    For info or to volunteer, the volunteers page.

Welcome to the Gardens 2023

Stay Green and Growing

Deb Griffith
Partnership Director

Barbara Thrasher
Event Coordinator