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Growing our Garden History – Unearth Local Flavour

Adult/Family Workshops
Growing our Garden History – Unearth Local Flavour

homestead 1913In the 1913 this farm was homesteaded and largely grew potatoes. Today granddaughter Lana Banham and husband Garth Ludwig are once again growing potatoes alongside a whole host of other veggies as they successfully turn this farm into a thriving market garden – Homestead Harvest.

This tour and informal workshop starts with the original homestead barn which Lana’s grandpa built and ends with a modern day walk in cooler. They will share the story of their move to sustainability and organic growing. As we walk along Lana will point out the friends and foes in the insect world with tips on how they greet them and treat them. There will be lots of mini gardening tidbits such as creating a raised strawberry bed in a pallet. We will wrap up at their market stall with a Q & A over a scrumptious snack of home grown garlic and veggie dip and crackers, served with a cold glass of cider.

garden, grass Date: 2022 July 20 – 7:00 PM to 8:30 PM
Cost: $30.00/person (includes refreshments at the end of the session).
Groundswell Members: $25.00/person
Note: Walking and standing on uneven soil will be required. This is an adult program. No pets.
To Register: email groundswellnetworksociety@gmail.com