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Spring ahead with Beauty

… tired of winter blahs? Want to make your table beautiful for spring?
Daffodils and tulips are superstars of the flower bulb world: the easy-to-grow, can’t-get-any-sunnier-in-springtime flowers. But before you rush out to add them to your outdoor garden, consider this: You also can have bulbs indoors in the middle of winter.
red flowerForcing bulbs inside is a super easy technique that’s simply a sleight of hand—a trickster’s way to get blooms by faking out your flowers about what season it really is. It involves very little effort and few materials. The biggest exertion? Scheduling their arrival.
In this working session you will learn the highlights of forcing bulbs for early spring enjoyment – colour and scent. Learn how to choose them, plant them, have their blooms last.
flowers in buckets
Date: March 7
Time: 6:30 to 8:30
Location: Pynelogs
Cost: $25 member, $35 for non-members
Note: this price includes everything you need for 2 arrangements and refreshments.
Things to bring: gardening gloves, trowel, water bottle, your garden journal.

Winter gardener series

Was 2022 Jan Feb mar

winter gardener
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How to tuck your garden up for the winter

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putting your garden to bedEllen Wilker will guide you through scheduling and prioritizing what you need to do to tuck your garden safely up for the winter:

  • What to do with your compost
  • How to winter seed
  • How to protect your soil
  • How to keep biodiversity over the winter so it is still there come spring
  • How to protect your plants, shrubs, trees from animal damage
  • How to overwinter your plants
  • How to clean up and protect your perennial beds
  • How to care for your tools, structures and greenhouse so they are ready for spring

Date: Sunday, Sept 18, 2022
Time: 1:30 – 3:30
Location: Old Blue Truck Farm – 1076 Swansea Road Invermere BC
Cost: Members – $20.00
Non Members- $25
Note: Groundswell will be doing separate workshops on dividing tubers and seed saving.
Ellen Wilker
Ellen has a BSc in Environmental science and Geography, and currently doing a diploma in Environmental Restoration. She started her journey in agriculture as a farm hand at edible acres. It was here she fell in love with developing a reciprocal relationship with the land, for her community. After school she joined forces with her family in order to get The Old Blue Truck Farm off the ground. Her plan is to combine her love for agriculture with the environment in order to restore agroecological systems!