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Literally… EARTH DAY!

Help make Invermere a soil & food healthy community!

“We don’t have a fertility issue on our planet, we have a biology issue”.

Her most exciting accomplishment to date is seeing one of her clients apply vermiextract on a section of their sand “lawn”, cover with rotting hay, and in a short 18 months the micro-organisms and weeds made 1″ of beautiful soil – Soil scientists say it takes 100 – 500 years to make 1″ of soil

Better than a garburator, friendly than fertilizer, and the best kitchen cleaner ever… worms.
Learn how to feed & grow healthy soil, using composting worms, so your soil produces the best nutrient dense foods using your home wastes!
Save hundreds of thousands of pounds of food waste that go to landfills.

Date: April 22, 2023
Time: 1 to 3 PM
Location: Groundswell Community Greenhouse 1535 14th Street
Price: Members: $15. Non Members: $25

Special guest facilitator:
Owner and Soil Microbiology Consultant –
Susan Panyluk
Kootenay Worm Composting

Susan Panyluk

‘The Worm Lady’, Susan is passionate about composting worms, recycling, garbage and soil microbes that build soil with the plants!
Susan is an avid student of “Life in the Soil” microbiology, with the help of her microscope, and soil regeneration practices. She has studied under Dr. Elaine Ingham, world renowned Soil Microbiologist, Gabe Brown and many others. Susan is an international Advisor, Consultant, and Educator, and has consulted to the three largest commercial worm farms in North America.

Topics will include:
Waste Management, Food Nutrient Density/Food Security, Worm Anatomy, Building Healthy Soil, Caring for Worms, Worm System Maintenance, Breeding of worms, Harvesting castings, Use of castings for planting/watering , Vermi teas/extracts, Sustainability

Own Your Own Worm Hut
After twenty years of worm composting, experimenting and testing many different systems, Susan invented the Continuous Airflow “Worm Hut”. This system provides optimal airflow and moisture management, easy to use, and most importantly is super easy to harvest.
These systems will be available for purchase at the session with profits going to Groundswell for their education programs.

• Worm Huts – 135.00
• Worms in Living Soil mix – Small bag (approx. 1,000 worms); 60.00 and Large Bag 175.00 (approx. 3,000 worms which is recommended for the Worm Hut).

Take home your own nutritious compost for the best garden ever.
• 20 lb bag of vermicompost for planting/watering 40.00

Create Your Own Vermicompost

Looking for a worthwhile and fun activity to do with your children?

Young or Old Wiggle Away
Create Your Own Vermicompost

Do you want to do a bit for climate change?
Do you want to help the gardens around you be healthier?
Do you hate wasting kitchen scraps? …And hey, you will also be reducing the cost of garbage pickup.

vermicompostJoin Landon as she helps you create your very vermicomposter, a box of red wriggler worms that eat up compost and give worm castings that are great for the garden. The worms are very low maintenance and help prevent food waste. All materials provided, worms included!

Facilitator: Landon Dales
Date: Feb 25, 2023
Time: 10 AM to 12 PM
Location: Groundswell Community Greenhouse
Attendee: Adults and children over age 8 accompanied by an adult.
Cost: Members (regular and premium) $35.00, non members $45.00 – you will go home with your own very sanitary wormary that you will enjoy using for years to come and your own and your neighbour’s gardens will flourish.

Things to bring: your waterbottle, we will supply gloves and all materials including the worms. You will go home with your own wormary.

After event update:

Landon Dale was up to his elbows in worms and quickly had everyone build their ow worm composters which will save thousands of pounds of kitchen waste from the landfill.
Each participant took their own wormery home and will have nutritious worm castings to add to their gardens this summer instead of expensive commercial fertilizer. These new worm moms are created a healthier earth.

Gardening Basics Workshop Series 4 – Composting and Pruning

gardeningGarden Basics – a little social chit chat before the workshop begins. So nice to find your Tribe.

Gardening Basics Workshop Series
Ensure Success
Get your hands dirty working in the greenhouse while you learn!
Opportunity for gardeners to be gentler on the earth while harvesting more nutritious food…
gardeningPart 4. Composting and Pruning

  • Composting can be as simple or as exciting as you want to make it. We will explore the many ways to compost. Make compost tea and have a tea party for the plants and look at the role of worms in composting.
  • Pruning your vegetables and tomatoes is critical to a good harvest – learn when and how to do it to increase your yield and maximize your crop. You will actually prune tomatoes in the greenhouse.

gardeningDate: May 30, 2023
Time: 6:00-8:30
Workshop site: Groundswell Greenhouse
Cost: Members (Regular and Premium) – $25.00 Non Members $30.00

Supported by: Groundswell Network Society and Home Hardware
What to bring: Your Garden Journal, your garden gloves, trowel, water bottle, photos of bedding plants you started at home.

***NOTE: if you book all 4 programs in this series the total cost for members is $80.00, a savings of $20. Ticket available in part 1

Gardening Basics Workshop Series 1 – Soil, Water, Food – rescheduled feb 28

Rescheduled feb 28.
Gardening Basics Workshop Series
Ensure Success
Get your hands dirty working in the greenhouse while you learn!
Opportunity for gardeners to be gentler on the earth while harvesting more nutritious food…
gardeningPart 1. Soil, Water, Food

  • Learn basic permaculture principles
  • Create Living soil rich in microorganisms which support plant health
  • Understand the best ways to top dress, make worm castings and composting 101.
  • Understand our valley soil, necessary mineral amendments and zone areas. There are many microclimates in the valley. Is your garden one of them?
  • Watering – our most precious commodity in the world today – how to reduce consumption, reuse existing water, slow evaporation, and remove harmful chemicals from the water.
  • Learn how to use a garden journal.
  • Basic care of garden tools
  • Share experiences and ask questions with a community of gardeners and an experienced coach.

Date: February 21, 2023 Rescheduled feb 28
Time: 6:00 to 8:00 PM
Location: Groundswell Community Greenhouse
Cost: Members (Regular and Premium) – $25.00 Non Members $30.00
What to bring: garden gloves, trowel, a soil sample from your garden or yard (if you don’t yet have a garden), your water bottle.

***NOTE: if you book all 4 programs in this series the total cost for members is $80.00, a savings of $20.