The planetary aspects to a relationship

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AspectsConjunction (planets in the same sign): This aspect brings together two similar forms of planetary energy, amplifying their effect on each other. The most powerful aspect of synastry is the conjunction. This can create harmony or disharmony, depending on which planets are involved. The combination is the most powerful aspect of astrology synastry chart (read more on`s official blog) and can lead to tension if there are too many conjunctions between two births charts. The trine encourages harmony and compatibility. Despite their obvious compatibility, there is a risk of boredom or repetition in the relationship. They blend so well together that there may not be enough passion or urgency.

Sextile (planets are at a 60 degree angle) – The harmonious blending of planet energies creates a lasting bond between people. Although similar to the trine aspect, this aspect tends be more stimulating since the signs involved are in different elements. Although this aspect can create a compelling and thrilling response, it can be difficult. It is possible that there will be a strong desire to dominate each other depending on which planets are involved. Too many square aspects between two charts tend to amplify the negative qualities in each person.Opposition (planets form a 180deg angle) – The affect of this aspect is deep and powerful, and sometimes destabilizing. These aspects allow the reverse images of identical energy to come into contact. This aspect creates strong attraction and can be likened as a mirror. Although the attraction created by this aspect is strong, interaction can be difficult. However, this aspect can be stimulating and can create a competitive spirit among the people involved. In extreme cases, this can lead to rivalry or bickering.

Synastry: Some Important Factors

__S.19__ Particularly aspects that are between Venus, Mars and the Moon indicate sexual attraction. Although Venus and Mars may have more likelihood to spark strong sexual attraction, the Mars-Venus aspects are more likely be to cause problems and difficulties in the relationship. Trine and Sextile aspects between these planets create a beautiful blending of energies. However they can also be a problem in a relationship. Tense aspects such as the square, opposition or opposition can create tensions in relationships and prevent them from connecting on an intimate level. Harmonious aspects, such as the trine or sextile, make the interaction easy and comfortable; the partners usually have enough in common to sustain a relationship and are able to form a deep, emotional bond.

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