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Parker is a cool building, but it is a new building, and it will take at least a few weeks before things settle down. Call me ASAP. We do have a few water donations and could use cider and donuts! The phones have been a little nutty at Parker and I cannot guarantee that you will get through. Having said that, I have only little bits of information for you because a lot of things are still changing minute to minute. On top of that, a power surge during one of the storms killed my phone while it was in the charger. Hope you are having a wonderful break (there ARE still 2 days left! ENJOY THEM!) I have had a fantasic one! 6. The next performance for the Marching Band is an optional one. There will not be school provided transportation after marching band practice. There will be no Marching band practice on Wednesday, OCT 10th enjoy! There will be no drumline on thursday, Oct. 11, enjoy!

If you didn’t receive your Tshirt yet we will have them for Drum Corps Videos you in the band room. 2. There IS rehearsal tomorrow at 3:00 PM in the Parker Band Room. If you’re tired of losing your summertime to marching band stress, we’re here for you. So whether you’re a casual viewer or a hardcore marching band fanatic, here are 10 spectacular college marching bands. For a several years I marched in 4th of July Parades as lead trumpet for a marching band (in wool uniforms!) and as part of civic groups. Our Marching Band Health and Safety Plan was released on July 20th. Please take the time to thoroughly read through this document, and reach out to Mr. Herwig with any questions you may have after reading. Any seamstresses with some time during the day (or if you can take some home at your leisure?) to help with uniforms? Repeat customers are a testament of our commitment of not only being a trusted merchant but also a partner to help grow and foster arts programs in their communities all year long. 3. If you heard rumors about us practicing in the parking lot, those rumors are mostly true(Don’t worry! It works great and many many bands do this, including U of M!).

I knew their cars would clog up downtown streets and parking structures, so I left early. Overnight “Z’s” and “Zorro” defaced school and public buildings, Drum Corps Videos library and text books, downtown shops, automobiles-even the police station. The freeway along the north side of town experienced backups, as did the offramp to Main Street, and traffic into downtown was bumper-to-bumper. Announcements: Final Drum Corps Videos Line & Pit Practice: This Tuesday evening ( June 18th ) from 7:00 – 8:30 PM . Monday rehearsal will be in the evening and friday will either have a home game or a pep game, so there usually is just a report time. Participation at camp is mandatory and those students involved in athletics should submit the schedule they will be following during the week of band camp to the directors “before” camp begins! 7. The next MANDATORY performance of the Marching Band is next Friday Sept 14th, Vs. It is the away game at Milford HS, this Friday, Sept. Updates for Fridays game will be forthcoming. Next tailgate will be sub sandwiches so far. This will be an up to the minute thing so please CHECK THIS BLOG frequently! Look for blog as that gets closer. First, I shared the link at Kunstler’s blog, then Boatbits blog linked to it.

44’s first inauguration). Trombone learned to play snare drums and became drum captain in HS, then guitar in college. But this song also sounds like early Kreator (their first two albums). We are doing this for a couple of reasons: 1) the pit performers were not permitted to bring their instruments into the stadium at St. Marys, and they want another chance to perform the show, 2) the rest of the band would like to perform the show again as they all put a great deal of effort into this elaborate and complex production, and 3) repeating this show gives us time to prepare an ample amount of music for the OSU Skull Session next week. For the rest of the semester incidents multiplied. We will be having Jazz Band Auditions for the second semester next week signups will be coming soon. 1. Rehearsals at this point will begin at 3:00PM and end at 4:00 except on Fridays and Mondays. It will be alright in the end! SOLID calendar up and out to you by the end of this week.

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