Volunteer application form

    We are a community that loves gardening, cares about food sustainability, works to educate and share what we know about Permaculture and Living soil, so we can create a healthier earth. We are eager to find new ways to support our members.

    We know one of the best ways to do that is to involve you in activities you would find fun and valuable. Volunteering allows you to contribute your skills, learn new things and enjoy doing so in a community of your gardening peers.

    NewcomerExperience but no formal trainingTraining inMaster gardener

    What interests you? What would you benefit from? Check as many of the opportunities below that are of some interest to you at this time. Checking off does not commit you to anything. When a volunteer opportunity arises in that area we will let you know and you can make a choice as to whether it is a fit at the time. The form sends to info@groundswellnetwork.ca.

    Note: these volunteer opportunities are in addition to the commitment you have made if you are Community Garden bed renter.

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