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U-Pick is in Full Swing!

Need some fresh veggies for dinner, herbs to season, and fruits for your summer dessert? Our U-Pick is in full swing on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 10am – 3pm. We have bags, but feel free free to bring your own containers, and bring cash as we’re cash-only.

Please see the below list for our current prices – Updated August 13th:

Groundswell Plant Sale

Join us for our first annual plant sale!

All plants have been started organically in the greenhouse with no chemicals! There is a wide variety of vegetable and flowering plants for $5!! Included in the sale are rare varieties that you will not find anywhere else!

Plants are available for purchase from now until the event. You are welcome to come to the greenhouse on Tuesday and Thursdays for purchases. There are also greens and herbs available by the bag.

Groundswell Offers Two Educational Workshops for Primary & Elementary Aged Children

In collaboration with CBEEN’s Wild Voices for Kids program, Groundswell Network Society is once again offering two excellent half-day workshops for primary and elementary aged children during this 2019 spring season!

#1 – Plant and Play

Is a half-day (3 hours) bookable workshop for Kindergarten and Grade 1 classes.

The Plant and Play program introduces students to the basic survival needs of plants, the importance, parts, and lifecycle of plants. Students learn that different vegetables and plants have adapted different seeds and have a chance to match the seeds with what plant they are from. Students will plant seeds both at the Community Greenhouse and in a small pot that they can take home and watch the development. Students, teachers, and families are encouraged to return to the Groundswell Community Greenhouse to check on the progress of their plants over the season.

The program combines lessons, hands-on activities, a 5 senses sit spot, a song/chant, hands-in the dirt activities and a take away as well as games and free playtime. The program will be outside, so please dress according to the weather and with the understanding that students will be getting into the dirt (and thus dirty!).

To book this workshop, or read more about the curricular connections, please visit CBEEN’s Wild Voices for Kids webpage, or contact us.

These plant and play programs are partially sponsored by contributors to our crowdfund campaign. Many thanks to the following people and businesses for your support: Meredith Hamstead, Gerry Wilkie, Fuze Food and Non-Profit by Nature.

#2 – Plant Power!

Is a half-day (3 hours) bookable workshop for Grade 2 – 4 classes (best fit is Grade 3).

The program explores the basic necessities for plant life, how various vegetables are part of a much larger food web with producers, consumers, and decomposers, and how even just amongst one type of vegetable there is much diversity. Students will have a chance to try a few different vegetables, learn about the parts of a plant and why plants grow. Students will then get their hands in the dirt by planting various plants outside of the greenhouse. The program involves interactive lessons, games, taste testing, discussions, and the planting of various plants! Be prepared to be outside for the entire duration.

To book this workshop, or read more about the curricular connections, please visit CBEEN’s Wild Voices for Kids webpage, or contact us.

A Success: Groundswell Seed and Plant Swap!

On Saturday February 23rd, 2019 at Groundswell’s Greenhouse seeds were shared, houseplants were swapped, and cob-oven baked treats were savoured!

Thank you again to those participating as volunteers, participants, and vendors: Winderberry Nursery, Home Hardware, and the East Kootenay Invasive Species Council! We hope to see you all again next year!

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